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We are aware that our website is still in beta, and needs some more construction done before it becomes completely D.Gray-Manatized (I just made that up on the spot *giddy expression*). Some of our recently pages include this homepage, the rules page, and any other new tabs you may see at the top. I digress (well, not too much...), our site has officially launched today (March 27th, 2011). With that being said, there are only a few more days (11) until D.Gray-Man Day (4/7/2011)!


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Sylver Dyme - Level 5 - General


Nezabudka WOW!

Nezabudkaren | 05/15/2021

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@Road Kamelot

Sylver Dyme | 04/30/2011

xD Yes, it does.... and I'm only saying that because it's true, and if I don't say it, you'll kill me.... but if I do, you'll kill me, too. Confusing, ne?


The white hair thing

Road Kamelot | 04/22/2011

(You know who this is)
Well, in Allen's case, it makes him look hotter!

Re: The white hair thing

Sylver Dyme | 04/30/2011

Yes, Noahs can be Generals. I'm ranking you up to a General/Noah~! They can be called either, depending on what you want to be.


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